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Is your home correctly insured for Christmas?

20th November 2017

Deter burglars from your home this Christmas

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for burglars. Previous years have seen home insurance claims rising in January following December thefts. The known fact of people purchasing gifts combined with darker nights make it an ideal time for opportunistic burglars to strike so ensure your home is well lit!

If you’ve bought expensive presents ready for Christmas, remember to keep them out of sight! If you’re planning on buying someone expensive jewellery it’s worth a call to your insurance broker to make sure it is covered under your policy.

Also after Christmas day don’t leave empty boxes of expensive presents out in the street advertising items in your home to potential burglars!

Going away this Christmas?

If your home is left empty during the Christmas break, it could be an easy target for burglars. Installing security systems is a good idea and can also reduce home insurance costs. If you’re going away and leaving your home empty for a long time, it’s best to speak to your insurance broker, to make sure you are covered.

House fires

House fires are a bigger risk in December, so make sure that your sums insured is up to date. Christmas usually means lots of fairy lights in homes and the workplace. Check your Christmas lights carry the British Safety Standard sign and make sure to turn them off when you’re out. Try not to overload plug points with too many lights, as this can also be a fire risk.

When did you last review your insurance?

Some home insurance policies offer automatic content increases around Christmas to account for increased shopping. It is worth double-checking your policy to ensure you have the right level of cover. Taking the time to double check your policy before the fun begins can make for a far less stressful claims process should it come to that. 

The end of the year and the start of a new one is always a good time to check that you have the right insurance in place. Speak to Horner Blakey Insurance Brokers if you are in doubt, especially if you have higher value contents or jewellery which may have increased in value. 


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