Block of Flats Insurance

Insurance For Blocks Of Flats

If you own a block of flats, you’ll already be aware of the many risks that come with the responsibility. Block of flats insurance can help you mitigate some of those concerns, with Horner Blakey’s trusted panel of insurers on hand to give you the cover you need. 


What Insurances Are Available For A Block of Flats?

Block of flats insurance (also referred to as landlord insurance for flats) is designed for landlords, property developers and building owners who own a block of flats. Whether you are a leaseholder, freeholder or management company you can use this type of insurance to provide protection for the building. Block of flats insurance is suitable for most types of flat residencies, so if you own a house or maisonette that has been converted into multiple flats, this type of cover is ideal.


Do I Need Block of Flats Insurance?

Landlords are not legally obligated to have block of flats insurance, so you always have the choice to not take out any cover. However, without the right protection in place, you will be liable to pay the full costs of any repairs and damage, which can be quite expensive if you are responsible for multiple residencies. 

Some mortgage providers may also require you to have landlord insurance to secure approval. If you have any staff employed in the block of flats, by law you will have to take out employer’s liability insurance. 

*Always be sure to read the full the details of your individual policy as terms and conditions will apply.  


What does block of flats insurance cover?

Block of flats insurance offers comprehensive cover for your property, including:

Buildings and contents insurance 

Give yourself peace of mind by protecting the block of flats and its contents against theft, fire, accidental and malicious damage. 

Rapid loss recovery

If you experience a claim this cover will help you fix the problem quickly, so your tenants remain happy and you save time and money.  

Alternative accommodation 

In the event of a fire, flood or storm that requires tenants to live elsewhere while the building is uninhabitable, this can cover the cost of providing alternative accommodation. 

Pet damage 

If any flat is damaged by a pet owned by tenant, this additional option can provide cover to pay for repair costs. 


How Much Does Block of Flats Insurance Cost?

Block of flats insurance costs can vary quite a lot, as there is a lot to take into consideration. No block of flats is the same, as each one has different dimensions, number of flats and leases, while claims history also must be taken in account. 

Working closely with our panel of insurers, we can help find the right policy for you. Once we’ve discussed your requirements in detail, we’ll provide you with a range of options to build a policy that provides comprehensive cover. 


What Other Types of Insurance Van I Take Out?

You can take out additional protection for your building within a single block of flats insurance policy. Our insurance partners offer a range of extras that can enhance the cover afforded to your property. 

This can include employer’s liability insurance (if you have any employees), engineering and inspection cover (for lifts in the building), legal expenses cover (for tenant disputes) and terrorism cover.


Contact Horner Blakey To Find Out More About Insuring a Block of Flats or Apartment Building

Horner Blakey offer Block of Flats Insurance for the freeholder, tenants association, managing agents or leaseholders at a very competitive premium. Horner Blakey are able to provide property Insurance quotations from several insurers for blocks of flats insurance and are flexible enough to cover all types of large flats from purpose built blocks of flats to converted mansion houses. Cover is available for fire full perils to property all risks and subsidence. Other covers usually include: Public Liability Alternative Accommodation, Employers Liability, and Trace and Access.