Home Information Packs

As from the 21st May 2010 for anyone selling their home the requirement for packs has been suspended, with further legislation being required to outlaw them completely. The requirement now being for sellers to provide a simple energy performance certificate, which it is envisaged will cost around £60. Previously: Home Information Packs are a set of documents, which provide home buyers with key information about the property that they may wish to buy, such as Land Registry searches, copies of the deeds to a property and a Home Condition Report. The Home Condition Report is a new document required as part of the home buying and selling process. It contains information about the physical condition of a property, including its energy efficiency. Full information and details can be obtained from the Government website.

Home (Defined for Insurance puposes)

The house or flat and its outbuildings, used only for domestic purposes.


The upward movement of the ground supporting a building.

Health and Safety (Electrical Equipment)

Under the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994, and certain other regulations, electrical appliances and equipment provided in tenanted premises must be safe. It is therefore necessary to make a visual check to ensure that all electrical items, plugs and leads appear completely safe and undamaged, and remove or replace any faulty items.