Listed Buildings Insurance

Listed buildings insurance

Get Insurance For Listed Property

Listed building insurance can be separated into three different categories, from grade 1 to grade 3 depending on their level of protection by English Heritage.

Crucially, for insurance purposes, in the event of a claim, where more than 40% of the structure remains, the building is required to be repaired using the same materials and techniques as originally. This can mean several things, Firstly, material costs for any repairs may be higher, and secondly, labour to do repairs will be more expensive and crucially take far longer than in a modern property.

Listed properties are often more likely to be damaged by fire, often caused by out dated electrical systems, or suffer from more thefts, due to poorer security controls and systems. Unlike many modern properties, listed properties and buildings are far more difficult to value, and crucially for the insurer, to cost any repairs to potential damage. Indeed English Heritage mandate requires consideration of the total cost of a rebuild of the property using like for like methods and materials, ensuring that the property is insured for the correct sum in the event of any catastrophe. Thus, listed properties and homes need a meticulous insurance broker who is willing provide the attention to detail needed, to ensure the correct insurance cover needed for a listed property and it’s features.


Choose Horner Blakey For Listed Home Insurance

At Horner Blakey Insurance Brokers we pride ourselves in the attention to detail given to all customers, but specifically the attention to detail for all listed building home insurance customers. Horner Blakey and our experienced team of insurance brokers will be able to provide you with the guidance needed to ensure that your listed property and its unique characteristics are insured for the correct sums, to cover all eventualities if the worst ever were to happen, providing you with the safety and security needed to enjoy your part of the nations heritage.