Middle Eastern Restaurant Insurance


Horner Blakey Insurance Brokers are aware that not all restaurateurs are the same and for Middle Eastern Restaurateurs we have maximised the discounts available from insurers for Middle Eastern restaurants.

Middle Eastern restaurants are different from other restaurants and although several aspects are replicated in other restaurants we believe that we can obtain the best insurance quotations for Middle Eastern restaurants by specifically grouping these with other Middle Eastern restaurants.

With Middle Eastern restaurants in mind we have organised the covers and information provided to insurers to make sure you get the most competitive cheap premium whilst still remaining flexible.

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Standard covers includes

General Contents
Tenants improvements
Employers Liability Insurance
Public Liability Insurance
Products Liability Insurance
Business Interruption cover
Loss of Money

additional Covers available

Buildings insurance
Subsidence cover
Accidental Damage
Loss of Liquor Licence
Legal Expenses
Fidelity Insurance
Goods in transit
Failure of electricity water and gas
Guests personal effects
Computer equipment
Glass frontage /Signage
Deterioration of stock / frozen food

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General Contents: this should be the replacement cost of all your contents and fixtures and fittings that you have i.e. :if you moved tomorrow and everything went in the removal van what would the value be to replace everything in the van?
Cover is for Fire full perils including Theft

Stock: Should be insured at cost price

Tenants improvements: These are your improvements to the building, i.e. fitted bar, extraction system and other fitted kitchen items. Most Insurers will include these within the fixtures and fittings of the contents sum insured, but these rates are cheaper if insured under this section

Employers Liability Insurance: covers all employees whether full or part time should they injure themselves whilst working for you

Public Liability Insurance: You invite the public into your premises by doing so you have a legal obligation to ensure that your premises is a safe place, should an injury occur to a third party on your premises public liability will indemnify you.

Products Liability Insurance: This protects you for goods or services supplied i.e. food poisoning

Business Interruption cover: You should fully insure your loss of gross profit for at least 12 months, so that in the event of a serious loss you will have time to get back on your feet. Your Insurers will then pay any short fall in your gross profit, a year after the incident date. Insurers will also pay reasonable increased working costs.

Beware that some policies only cover increased cost of working- i.e. just the increase in cost you incur, if you are shut for 2 months who will pay all your normal bills??

This is probably the most important area of cover and failure to get this area correctly covered sees more businesses fail then any other, if you want to be cautious extend the indemnity period to 18 months or 2 years

Loss of Money
Money insurance is on an all risks basis and covers cash, cheques and certain other negotiable documents, this will provide cover for differing limits on the premises during and after business hours, in transit to the bank and in safes at the homes of the directors and employees

Personal assault cover is usually included to compensate you or any employee injured during a theft or attempted theft

Buildings insurance: covers the property and should be the reinstatment value of the property not its sale value

Subsidence cover applies to the building and covers subsidence ground heave or landslip of the building

Accidental Damage: also known as contents all risks; and gives wider cover including accidental damage or cover not specifically excluded, however this does not include wear tear, gradual deterioration or electrical or mechanical breakdown

Loss of Licence: provides protection against losing your Liquor licence

Legal Expenses: Provides legal expenses cover including a legal helpline

Fidelity Insurance: Covers fraud or dishonesty by employees

Goods in transit: Provides cover for goods lost or damaged whilst in transit

Failure of electricity water and gas: This extension to your business interruption cover is very pertinent for restaurants and covers you should you have to shut if you have no electricity, gas or water.

Guests personal effects: Guests effects lost or damaged on your premises

Computer equipment: Smaller computers are covered within the contents but over a certain level this should be covered seperately and will include computerised tills and computer equipment and usually also covers a sum for reinstatement of data.

Glass frontage /Signage: You may be responsible under your lease for your front window. This covers damage to the window or signage

Terrorism: Cover purchased separately from the governments Insurers – Pool Re

Deterioration of stock / frozen food: Provides cover if food is damaged as a result of a breakdown to the freezer or chiller