Safe Guarding Against Unforeseen & Expensive Legal Action – Legal Expenses Insurance

19th March 2019

The UK is seeing an era of more litigation and Horner Blakey Insurance Brokers are raising the awareness and importance of this add-on cover with clients, individuals and businesses.

Legal protection insurance will ease the worry and financial strain if faced with a legal dispute and can be arranged for:

  • Home Owners
  • Property Investors
  • Businesses

The cover arranged by Horner Blakey Insurance Brokers will cover the cost of legal advice and representation to defend a legal claim.

Some key areas of our personal legal expenses cover are:

  • Certain types of employment and contract disputes
  • Bodily injury claims for sudden injury or illness
  • Court Expenses relating to claims covered by the wording
  • Advice before making a claim

Some key areas of our Business legal expenses cover are:

  • Non Motor criminal prosecutions
  • Bodily Injury
  • Your Property following damage or nuisance or trespass
  • Contract Disputes

The cost and distraction of a legal proceeding is counterproductive to individuals and businesses. Obtaining a Legal Expense policy is a simple way to safe guard and protect in an ever growing litigious society.

To consider purchasing Legal Expenses insurance please contact Horner Blakey to discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation on 020 7929 0108.

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