Thatched Property Insurance

Owning a thatched property has many benefits and can be an exciting lifestyle change. However, due to the risk of extensive damage from fire, buying insurance for your thatched property can be a daunting and awkward process. Add to this the fact that many thatch roof properties and thatched buildings may be listed, many people often find that thatched property insurance can be very difficult to obtain.

However, Here at Horner Blakey Insurance Brokers we understand the issues and needs that thatched property owners have to contend with and aim to dispel the popular belief that thatched property insurance is an expensive item and that purchasing thatched property insurance it is a time consuming task.

We understand that every thatched property is unique, and thus aim to provide unique insurance policies, tailored to suit your individual needs and wishes whilst providing the highest quality of insurance cover for your thatched home, thatched roof, thatched building or thatched cottage.

Horner Blakey is ideally located in the City of London where our expert team of insurance brokers are able to liaise with many of the top insurers to ensure so that you and your thatched property get the best deal and the highest level of household thatched property insurance, without the hassle, leaving you with more time you enjoy your thatched property, safe in the knowledge that your thatched property is adequately insured for all eventualities.