The festive season is upon us…

27th November 2018

Whilst the festive season is upon us and long crisp walks are accompanied by mulled wine, we would like to share some good property practice measures to implement for the winter period.

Cold weather fronts like the ‘beast from the east’ which struck in 2018 present a threat to physical building structures and business operations resulting in potential property claims, loss of rent or business interruption. Should these events coincide with public holidays the impact can be magnified.

  • Cold temperatures lead to an increased threat of water with pipes and valves susceptible to freezing
  • Properties and premises left unattended during public holidays increase vulnerability to theft
  • Gutters and gullies can be overwhelmed with rain and debris
  • Exaggerated damage and subsequent damage can result if there is a delay in discovery
  • Wet and icy conditions raise the threat of ‘slips and trips’ and can coincide with increased foot traffic approaching Christmas on high streets and in shopping malls

Preventative measures

  • Drain down water systems, turning stop cocks off and isolating service valves or alternatively ensuring property heating remains active using thermostat controls set to a minimum temperature
  • Check insulation and lagging on pipes, and water tanks
  • Deterrents such as timed lights and maintaining physical on-site presence can be effective
  • Check roof gullies and gutters for general debris and leaves to ensure water drainage systems perform as expected avoiding ‘overflow’ and possible penetration to the building
  • Inspection of flat roof areas – check for splits and previous repairs which could demonstrate signs of wear
  • Replace missing or broken roof tiles
  • Review adequacy of alarms and processes so you are prepared and understand managing agent response times, other key holders and ensure record logs are kept of visits made
  • Ensure cleaners or individuals with property/site responsibility attend to standing water and puddles promptly with consideration given to warning cones or signs to act as a deterrent to affected areas
  • Assess ‘salt gritting’ plans in the event of severe ice or snow

We would like to wish all of our clients and business partners a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

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