A revolutionary new smart water detector for your home

17th January 2020

Water damage is one of the most common causes of emotional destress combined with financial implications due to the cascading nature of water and the sheer volume that can result with burst pipes, failed joints etc.

The insurance industry pays out millions every day to customers for water related claims. What value would you a place on being able to avoid the destress, upheaval and future increased insurance premiums?

Smart water detectors and water cut off devices are available that can spot even the smallest change in your water consumption but Horner Blakey want to share a new produce that also detects changes in moisture through discreet placement of sensors around the home or commercial property which sends an alert before it’s too late!

Unlike most systems on the market today, it not only detects risk, but also offers the ability to instantly shut off the mains water supply. Combined with an intuitive and easy to use app, Waterlock’s early leak detection gives homeowners peace of mind and control of their water whether they’re at home or away remotely from their phone or tablet.

Waterlock supports up to 6 wireless sensors that can be placed in high risk areas such as kitchens, utility rooms, airing cupboards or places where water ingress has previously occurred, optimising both detection and control capabilities.

Horner Blakey are delighted to offer you a special offer of a 3-sensor Waterlock system, with professional installation by an approved plumber, for £349.95 (inc 20% VAT).

For more information please contact your account manager on 020 7929 0108.

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