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Barn insurance can be taken out before or after you have converted the building, helping you to protect it for years to come. Barns are specialist buildings that require a particular type of insurance cover and thanks to our experience in this area, Horner Blakey can ensure you find the right policy for your property.

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What is barn conversion insurance?

Barn conversion insurance offers protection for barns that have been converted into residential living spaces. Barn conversions are unique in that the structure of the building is being changed to accommodate day-to-day living requirements in a space that was originally designed for storage or for housing livestock. It means the construction materials and methods are different and are generally not covered by a standard home buildings insurer.

Converted barn

Do I need barn conversion insurance?

How the original barn was constructed and the type of conversion carried out will have a significant impact on the rates you pay. There are three main types of barn conversion in the UK:

  • Box construction barns: Four walls are used to hold up the structure
  • Cruck-framed barns: Internal timber A-frames are used for roof support
  • Post and truss barns: Vertical timber frame posts support the roof weight

Your survey documents will tell you which kind of barn conversion you have, or will have, once construction has been completed. Like buildings insurance, barn conversion insurance is not a legal requirement, although should an unexpected event happen, such as a flood, fire or storm damage, you will have to pay for repairs out of your own pocket.

Whatever insurance you decide to take out, before proceeding with any insurance agreement, always read the full details of your individual policy as terms and conditions will apply.

What does barn conversion insurance cover?

When barn conversion insurance is taken out it typically offers cover for:

Buildings insurance

Your converted barn can be protected against a wide range of risks, such as fire and storm damage. Subsidence and flooding cover may also be available, depending on the property history.

Liability insurance

This type of insurance can provide cover for compensation and for associated legal defence costs should a legal claim be made against your property. [GS1]

Every barn conversion is unique, which is why our team can help you build a tailored insurance package based on the needs of your building.

How does barn conversion insurance work?

Due to its unique design and construction, your barn should be assessed by a barn conversion insurance specialist who has helped with similar projects in the past.

There are several features that need to be considered, such as the beamed ceilings, wooden floors and insulation, which can all directly affect your insurance risk and premium.

Major structure alterations will be required during the conversion process for it to meet Building Regulation requirements. This often means that costs could be more expensive than the cost of rebuilding from new. Because of this, it is often advised that you are insured at the halfway point between the cost of building as new and the cost of conversion.

Horner Blakey can advise you on the type of policy you will need for a barn conversion, giving you the right level of protection to make it a fully liveable space.

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