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Light Aircraft Insurance

Owning or renting a light aircraft brings with it a lot of responsibility, especially if you are carrying passengers or cargo. That’s why it’s important to have financial cover in place to protect you against accidents or unexpected events that can occur. Taking out light aircraft insurance can give you more peace of mind the next time you take to the skies.  

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What is light aircraft insurance?

Light aircraft insurance is a policy designed to provide cover for aircraft owners and pilots against a variety of risks. It typically offers third party protection, as well as cover for accidental loss and damage, as well as cargo and passenger liabilities. A light aircraft is only intended to carry a small amount of goods or number of passengers and is officially classed as an aircraft that has a gross take off weight of no more than 5,670kg, and can be either an aeroplane or helicopter.

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Do I need light aircraft insurance?

In much the same way that a car owner must have car insurance to legally drive their vehicle, the owner of an aeroplane must have aviation insurance. This means if you own a light aircraft that has a maximum take off weight of 5,670kg, then you need to take out a light aircraft insurance policy before it can fly.

Aircraft tenants and renters are also usually required by fixed-based operators and hangar landlords to have a minimum light aircraft insurance policy in place. The type of policy needed will vary depending on how you intend to use the aircraft.

Horner Blakey works with specialist insurance broker that offer light insurance cover for a wide range of aircraft, putting us in prime position to help you find the right policy.

We also advise clients to always read the full details of your individual policy before proceeding with an agreement, as terms and conditions will apply.

What does light aircraft insurance cover?

Light aircraft insurance will typically provide cover for:



Third party cover


Risks of war and terrorism

Whether you take to the skies on a regular basis, or only fly occasionally, you need to have light aircraft insurance cover. It ensures that you, your passengers and the aircraft you fly are always protected, so you can relax with confidence.

Horner Blakey works with individuals and businesses to build customised light aircraft insurance policies and thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry our team can help you find the protection you need.