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Maisonette Insurance

Every home should be insured and that includes maisonettes, although finding a policy that meets your needs may not always prove easy. Horner Blakey provide a combined maisonette insurance policy that gives you long-lasting financial cover and peace of mind that your home is protected.

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What is a maisonette?

A maisonette is a property with two storeys that has been subdivided into two separate flats. Both occupants have their own staircase and private front door and they do not have to share a corridor. Large period houses are often converted into maisonettes, and you will also find them located above shops.

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What is maisonette insurance?

Maisonette insurance offers cover for the entire property as insurance companies do not provide cover for individual maisonette flats. This is because the lease may state that only one of the flats is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the drains or roof, for example. If repairs are needed and only one of the flats is insured, then it can prove very difficult to determine who pays for the other half of the costs. This can make the claims process far more complicated and much slower to resolve, so insurance companies prefer to avoid giving out separate policies for each flat.

At Horner Blakey, to make things easier we can invoice both parties separately, so you always know where you stand.
Maisonette insurance provides cover for properties against fire, natural perils and accidental damage. This is a specialist type of insurance that is not offered by many insurers as the details of the policy can often be quite complex.
We work with a trusted panel of insurers to provide a joint maisonette insurance policy. We ensure you get the best deal possible, so your property has the level of protection it needs against a wide range of unexpected damage and events.

Do I need maisonette insurance?

If you live in a maisonette, you should consider taking out maisonette insurance. Damage can occur to the property via a fire or flood at any time and if you do not have the appropriate level of protection, the associated repairs can often prove to be expensive.
To avoid neighbourly disputes and protracted claim investigations, many insurers will only offer a joint policy for a maisonette. Similar to home buildings insurance, if you take out a loan or mortgage, the lender will require you to have the appropriate level of cover in place.
Horner Blakey can help you choose the right option to suit your needs, offering competitive premiums that will protect your property when you need it the most.