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Listed Building Insurance

Listed buildings can be found in almost every town and city in the UK, and it makes sense for owners of these types of properties to have the right level of protection to keep them preserved. Horner Blakey provides access to specialist cover that will make it easier to maintain your listed building so it can continue to stand the test of time.

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What Is Listed Building Insurance?

Listed building insurance offers protection for buildings that are classed as being of historical, cultural or special architectural importance.

There are more than 430,000 listed buildings in England and Wales, and they are divided into three different categories:

  • Grade 1 – buildings of exceptional national interest
  • Grade II* – buildings of particular importance and more than special interest
  • Grade II – buildings of special interest

If the owner of a listed building wants to make any alterations to the infrastructure, they will usually have to seek permission and ensure the original aesthetic character is maintained as much as possible. The cost of maintaining and repairing a listed building is often higher than that of a standard building, which is why specialist insurance is recommended.

A listed historic property

Do I Need Listed Building Insurance?

If you own a listed building and want to make any alterations, there are some strict legal guidelines that you will have to follow.
For example, if you want to replace the windows in a 19th century building, you may not be able to install models that have a contemporary design as this will not fit the original character. Instead, you may have to pay more for sash windows or another traditional style more in keeping with the building’s aesthetic.

And just like any other property, a listed building is also susceptible to theft, fire or damage. Listed building cover ensures the property is covered for the correct rebuilding costs, which due to their specialist nature can be different to standard properties. It gives you peace of mind that such a valuable and important property has the right level of repair cover should it become damaged. Before proceeding, always read the full the details of your individual policy as terms and conditions will apply.

What Does Listed Building Insurance Cover?

There are a lot of similarities between listed building insurance and property insurance. You pay a premium every month to protect the building against any potential damage caused by fire and accidental events and flooding. You can choose either contents insurance or buildings insurance for your home insurance cover or take out a combined policy for enhanced protection.

Buildings insurance

The bricks and mortar of the listed property are covered by the building’s insurance, along with any permanent fixtures and fittings.

Property owners liability insurance

This covers the public liability risk of damage caused to a third party as a result of your listed building.

How Much Does Listed Building Insurance Cost?

Every listed building has its own character and story to tell and because they vary in age, and size it can be difficult to estimate insurance costs without taking several factors into consideration. When putting together a quote, our insurance partners will consider the age of the building, its grade listing, its level of security, whether it features any non-standard construction elements and more, so you get the best deal that protects your investment.