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Commercial Combined Insurance

Commercial combined insurance gives you the opportunity to pick and choose the right level of cover for your business. Horner Blakey creates flexible policies for businesses in a wide range of sectors, building a single policy that is more efficient and cost-effective to manage.

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What is commercial combined insurance?

Commercial combined insurance is a policy that brings together various commercial insurance options into a single package. It can provide cover for things such as public and employers liability, business interruption, personal accident insurance and more. The level of cover you need will vary depending on the nature and demands of your business, which is something the Horner Blakey team can help you decide.

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Do I need commercial combined insurance?

As a commercial business owner, you already have to deal with a variety of large financial risks that could put your business in jeopardy. So, it makes sense to safeguard yourself against any unexpected issues that could increase your risk and potentially the future of your business.

Commercial combined insurance can be tailored to the exact requirements of your business and can be quickly scaled up to provide different levels of cover as and when you need. Instead of having to deal with multiple policies at the same time, it simplifies the process by combining them into a single policy that is easier to manage, saving you time and money.

Combining all your insurance needs into one policy could also save you money in premiums. Many insurance providers offer discounts for taking out multiple policies together, and thanks to Horner Blakey’s reputation, we can help you find the best deal to suit your budget.

Before proceeding, always read the full details of your individual policy as terms and conditions will apply.

What does commercial combined insurance cover?

Commercial combined insurance can be customised to suit the needs of your business, including various levels of cover and policies that give you the best all-round protection. This can include things like:

Public liability insurance

If a legal claim is made by a member of the public, this insurance can help cover legal costs and any compensation that may be awarded against you.

Employer’s liability insurance

A legal requirement for all businesses that employ staff, employer’s liability insurance can cover payouts for costs and damages if they fall ill or are injured while working for you.

Product liability insurance

This is often included in the same policy as public liability insurance and is necessary for manufacturers and distributors in any industry. It covers loss, illness and damages claimed to have been caused by your products.

Business interruption insurance

In the event of a fire, flood or a similar incident that causes your business to close for a certain amount of time, this can help cover some of your lost earnings for a fixed period.

From stock cover and commercial buildings cover to business machinery and goods in transit insurance, there are many other types of insurance you can also include in your policy. We’ll advise you on the options that can keep your business protected.

Does it matter if my business has made a claim before?

Business insurance works a little differently to domestic insurance. When a commercial combined insurance policy is being created, your business will undergo a risk assessment to get a better understanding of your claims history.

If you have made a claim before, it is recommended that the clause of loss is reviewed, and relevant action taken to reduce the chance of it occurring again. Being able to demonstrate that lessons have been learned and risk mitigation factors have been implemented will increase the number of insurance providers we can approach. This puts us in a stronger position to negotiate better cover and premiums on your behalf.