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Do I need property insurance if I’m a landlord of a buy-to-let property?

You are not legally obliged to have property insurance if you are a landlord. However, most buy-to-let mortgage providers ask that you do have it.

It is also worth bearing in mind that a conventional home insurance policy won’t provide enough cover for rental activities. Being a landlord comes with lots of risks, so if your property is damaged or, for example, if a tenant is hurt due to the condition of the property and decides to make a claim that results in a pay-out, you will have to pay out of your own pocket if you do not have the right insurance in place.

Horner Blakey have a long-standing affiliation with The Landlord Association and can help you secure financial cover for a wide range of standard and non-standard residential properties, ranging from bungalows and flats to country homes and premium mansions.

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Do landlords of commercial properties need to have insurance?

If you own a commercial property that you rent to a third-party business, it is recommended that you take out property insurance to cover the building and some of its contents.

Like residential property insurance, there is no legal requirement for taking out financial cover, but it can give you peace of mind that any accidental damage, theft or malicious damage it experiences has the right protection.

At Horner Blakey we have a long history of working with commercial property landlords, helping them to create bespoke policies for valuable assets. It can be anything from a hotel, café or restaurant to a retail store, pub or warehouse – no matter the sector, we can connect you with a provider that will take care of your needs.

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Should I insure my block of flats or property portfolio?

Given the high value of a block of flats or apartments, as the landlord you should consider taking out property insurance. This is also true if you have a growing property portfolio, as you need to ensure that your assets are protected against a host of risks.

Our team of experienced insurance specialists can help you put together a policy based on your needs and the number of properties you own. It can include things such as buildings and contents insurance, alternative accommodation cover or rapid loss recovery protection, all at very competitive rates.

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Do I need insurance for an empty property?

Even if you own a property that is unoccupied, it is well worth taking out a property insurance policy. It could be empty due to a planned sale, because you are looking for a new tenant or because it is used as a holiday home. Standard home insurance will not provide the right cover, so without the right protection in place the property is left vulnerable to a host of risks, such as weather damage, natural events, fires and malicious damage.

The Horner Blakey team can help you assess the amount of cover you will need for an unoccupied property. Aside from buildings and content insurance, there are several extras you can add into your policy to ensure you are fully covered, so you don’t have to worry so much about the property when you’re not staying there.

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Properties with a history subsidence – can I take out insurance?

Owners of properties with previous subsidence will find it hard to find an insurance company that will provide cover for their home. Most large companies only offer protection for homes that have never had subsidence before as they view believe it is too much of a risk.

However, specialist subsidence insurance providers do exist, and Horner Blakey can help you find the right one for your property. It can help to pay for any repairs that may be needed as well as covering the costs of living in alternative accommodation for a short period.

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