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Embassy and Diplomatic Insurance

Horner Blakey Insurance Brokers have the specialist insurance knowledge and understand the special insurance requirements needed for an Embassy, Diplomatic or Consular Premises and are able to offer full cover for the Property, Contents, Employers Liability, Public Liability as well as a range of other covers in the UK.

An embassy serves as a base for a foreign country’s diplomatic activities abroad, working to build and sustain political, cultural and social relationships between various states. It also means they face a variety of unique requirements that only a specialist bespoke embassy insurance policy can provide.

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What is embassy insurance?

Embassy insurance provides specialist cover for foreign embassies and diplomatic premises against a wide range of risks. These types of buildings and offices have unique requirements as they are the sovereign soil of the host nation and therefore not subject to the same rules and requirements as other properties, Also the people working there are employed by the sovereign government and again subject to different rules. From the embassies and consular offices to motor fleets and diplomatic residencies, Horner Blakey work with you to deliver high level, tailored protection.


Do I need embassy insurance?

As with any building, embassy or diplomatic premises need standard building insurance to provide protection for any repairs or maintenance that may be required. However, due to the special nature of the activity that occurs inside, embassies also need specifically worded policies that protect the integrity and safety of the premises and the people who work there.

Horner Blakey have years of experience working with embassies and diplomats and handle all associated insurance policies with absolute discretion. We’ll work with you to develop bespoke embassy insurance cover that maximises your budget, timescale and individual needs.

We recognise that government budgets and sign offs mean that extra costs are a nightmare to deal with so in many cases our policies are Excess free and premium alterations are dealt with at renewal only.

What does embassy insurance cover?

Embassy insurance can provide property cover for the buildings, office cover for the contents and employees  and vehicle cover for the diplomatic vehicles:


Property, contents and liability insurance cover with Excess Free policies and small adjustment premium waivers until renewal.

Consular offices

Receive the same level of insurance as embassies, including property, contents and liability protection

Motor fleets

All vehicles used for embassy and diplomatic purposes enjoy full cover along with a dedicated claims service.


Any diplomats that are present in the UK can obtain their own diplomatic vehicle this cover again is specialist and Horner Blakey can provide you with specialist quotations

Your embassy insurance policy can be tailored to your specific requirements, while always remaining flexible to adapt to changing circumstances.

How much does embassy insurance cost?

There is no standard cost for taking out embassy insurance because every building has its own needs and insurers have to take a number of factors into account before providing a finalised quote. This includes the building location, number of employees, size of the premises, specific risks posed to the embassy and any previous claims that have been made.

At Horner Blakey we understand you need some certainty when searching for an embassy insurance quote. Thanks to our long-standing relationship with some of the UK’s largest insurance providers we can provide a comprehensive price that matches your budget, ensuring you have specialist cover that won’t let you down.