Fleet & Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Fleet & Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If your business has multiple vehicles, you could make life much easier by combining them all into a single insurance policy. Whether you own two commercial vehicles or have dozens on the road every day, fleet insurance offers a much more convenient way of protecting your key assets.

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What is fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance provides cover for all your cars, commercial vehicles or lorries, giving you comprehensive protection so you don’t have to take out individual policies for each one. It’s a cheaper and more convenient way of insuring your vehicles and it means you have the right level of cover if they are damaged or stolen.

Fleet of commercial vans

Do I need fleet insurance?

Insuring all your business vehicles can be stressful, as standard commercial car insurance and van insurance is usually only good enough for individual vans or cars. And if you have multiple drivers who share the vehicles between each other, things can become even more complicated.

So, rather than paying multiple premiums for several vehicles that all have unique renewal dates, fleet insurance makes things much easier to manage. It means you can renew the insurance for all your vehicles at the same time and pay a single premium, reducing the amount of admin you need to deal with.

It could also be the case that taking out fleet insurance for multiple vehicles may be cheaper than individual policies, helping you to save important time and money.

Horner Blakey have helped countless small and medium-sized businesses to find the ideal fleet insurance policy, connecting them with established insurance providers who can take care of their business needs in the long-term.

Before proceeding, always read the full details of your individual policy as terms and conditions will apply.

What does fleet insurance cover?

Depending on your circumstances, fleet insurance can provide cover for:

Damage and theft

If one or more of your vehicles are stolen or damaged due to an accident, fire or vandalization, you get cover for repairs and replacement vehicles.

Breakdown cover

Vehicles that need roadside assistance are given cover for associated costs if they unexpectedly break down.

Third-party damage

It can also cover the cost of any damage that is caused to a third-party – be it their person, car or property.

Personal accident cover

If you are seriously or fatally injured in a road accident, you could receive a pre-agreed lump sum amount.

What vehicles can be included in fleet insurance?

When you take out a fleet insurance policy you can include a variety of vehicles including vans, cars, HGVs and plant vehicles. Some insurers exclude certain types of vehicles from their policies, such as forklifts, trucks, motorbikes and excavators, so you should always check the details to ensure the policy provides the cover you need.

How many vehicles count as a fleet?

A leet can be anything from two vehicles all the way up to several hundred or even more, depending on the size of the company. Each insurance company has their own minimum and maximum allowances and if your fleet is very small or very large you may need to enquire about specialist fleet insurance to cater for your requirements.

Let the Horner Blakey team know exactly what you are looking for and the level of protection you need, and we’ll connect you with insurers that will help you get the most value from your budget.