The Ultimate Guide to Motor Trade Insurance

Specialist and Private Motor Insurance

If you own a special car, be it of the classic or high-performance variety, you may need to take out specialist car insurance or even update your home insurance policy. It can also be ideal for drivers with specialist personal circumstances that are not typically covered by standard insurance policies. Whatever your needs, Horner Blakey can ensure you have the right level of protection in place before you turn the key in the ignition.

Specialist Motor Insurance

Standard motor insurance policies may not be able to give you the confidence to really enjoy your prestige, classic or high-performance car on the road.

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What Motor Insurance Covers Are Available?

Agreed or market value options available

Multi-vehicle policies to cover all of your cars

Covers that take into account limited mileage or use

Handing the keys to a car

What is a specialist and private car insurance?

Specialist car insurance is designed for owners of prestige, classic or high-performance cars that are not typically covered by standard car insurance policies. It can also offer protection for drivers or certain situations that aren’t usually included in a standard plan, enabling you to have the right level of cover in place so you can legally drive your vehicle.

Do I need specialist and private car insurance?

Whether or not you need specialist and private car insurance depends on various factors, including the type of car you drive, its mileage, how valuable the car is, your driving history, how experienced a driver you are and how long you want to insure your car for.

For example, if you have just passed your test or are a learner driver, you may need to take out specialist insurance. Or, if you drive an imported or high-performance car this might be the type of policy you need to take the car out onto the road. Specialist and private car insurance is also suitable for drivers of heavily modified vehicles and owners of classic or prestige cars.

If your car falls into any of these categories, you should make enquiries about specialist and private care insurance. Without it you will not be legally allowed to drive the car on UK roads. Horner Blakey will help you look at your available options so you can build a policy that works best for you.

Always be aware that before proceeding with any insurance agreement read the full details of your individual policy as terms and conditions will apply.

How is specialist car insurance different from standard car insurance?

There are several benefits to taking out specialist and private car insurance, rather than taking out a standard policy. These can include:

Better protection for your vehicle

Using an insurance provider who understands how you use your car

Sometimes finding it cheaper to insure a specialist car instead of a modern model

Because specialist cars are mostly used for recreational driving there may be a mileage cap included in the policy. And instead of insuring the car based on its market value, you should check that it can be insured for its agreed valuation, which is what the insurer will pay if the vehicle is written off.

What does specialist care insurance cover?

Specialist car insurance covers a host of non-standard insurance types, which means there will be variations to what it can protect. However, in most cases it should cover the same basic risks that come with standard car insurance, such as:

Damage cover for vandalism, fire, accidents and severe weather damage

Injury caused to third parties or property following an accident

Cover for the theft of your car

This is general advice, so before taking out a policy, ensure that you have the right type of cover for your car as each provider will be different.

If you need help taking out specialist and private car insurance, Horner Blakey can guide you through the process so you can enjoy your car without any concerns.