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We are able to offer the complete range of services for your aviation insurance needs.

Whether you own a small aircraft for personal use or operate a full-scale aviation business, you should have aviation insurance to protect your equipment, aircraft and the people who use them. And because you operate in such a specialist industry you need to ensure you have the right level of financial protection to safeguard against unexpected events. 

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What is aviation insurance?

Aviation insurance offers financial cover for some of the risks that come with operating an aircraft. Compared to other forms of transportation, there are a unique set of hazards associated with the aviation industry which require specific insurance protection to be put in place. This helps aircraft owners and operators to better manage unanticipated losses that can occur due to faults, accidents and natural events.

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Do I need airplane insurance?

In the same way that a car or motorbike must have insurance before it can be used on the road, an aircraft must also be fully insured before it can fly. While you can choose the level of airplane insurance you have in place, there are minimum requirements that must be met. This depends on the Maximum Take-Off Mass (MTOM) of the aircraft and on the number of passengers carried.

Aviation insurance must be used to cover several areas such as the:

  •       passengers
  •       baggage
  •       third party cover
  •       cargo
  •       risks of war and terrorism (‘war risk’)

Horner Blakey works with some of the UK’s largest insurance companies and can help you find the right level of aviation insurance for your aircraft. We help everyone from private aircraft owners to company fleet owners, ensuring they can safeguard against a host of unexpected events.

What does aviation insurance cover?

There is a long list of coverage options you can include in your aviation insurance policy. This includes:

Public liability insurance

From ground support equipment to airport facilities, third party insurance can provide cover for anything that can be damaged by a plane.

Passenger liability insurance

Mostly used for commercial aircraft carrying passengers, it covers all types of liability claims for mortally injured people who have been permanently disabled or died because of an accident involving an aircraft.

Ground risk hull insurance not in motion/in motion

When a plane is not in motion you can use this insurance to claim against damage caused by floods, fires, storms and other natural hazards. Alternatively, in-motion insurance protects against damage caused on the ground when parking, driving or being towed.

In-flight insurance

This offers protection against damage caused in-flight and for every other situation on the ground, making it a more all-round option compared to in motion/not in motion insurance.

How much does aviation insurance cost?

There is no set cost for aviation insurance, as the provider will have to consider a variety of factors. This includes the size, type, model and age of your aircraft stock, take-off weight, how the aircraft is used, where it is flown to, how it is stored and your insurance and claims history. The Horner Blakey team will help you gather all the information needed to create an accurate quote, while always keeping your budget in mind.