Contractors Insurance

Being a contractor carries certain obligations and legal responsibilities.

Contractors All Risks cover can either be an annual policy used by Contractors, builders, plumbers, electricians or alike, or a one off construction project.

Contractors All Risks Policies Consists of 3 main cover sections:

Contract Works

Public Liability Insurance

Employers Liability insurance

Horner Blakey are able to cover all manner of trades and policies, from larger businesses to the self-employed, from standard to complex.

Contract Works 

The contract works section provides cover for the materials and property being worked on, this can be a new build, renovation, extension, for either residential and commercial.

It covers the value of the work you are employed to do, so should the unfortunate happen whilst you are there it will pay for reinstatement of the works.

There are also numerous extensions to this section, whether its goods supplied to site, plant hired in, temporary structures or just your plant or tools left on site overnight.

Horner Blakey are happy to advise you and discuss your needs and provide a quotation specific to your requirements.

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Public Liability Insurance For Contractors

This provides cover for your legal indemnity up to the limit of your Indemnity in the event of damage to third party property or third party bodily injury whilst carry out your activities.

Depending on who you are working for different levels of indemnity can be purchased and Horner Blakey are happy to advise on this.

Employers Liability For Contractors

This section not only covers your direct employees but can include labour only sub-contractors, as well as Bona-fide sub-contractors who usually carry their own insurance but need to have indemnity to the principals clause in the event of a claim

Horner Blakey are able to advise you on your specific needs so please call for a free quotation.