Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements

As described in The Housing Act 1988, and as amended by the Housing Act 1996, an assured shorthold tenancy is a tenancy which offers the landlord a guaranteed right to repossess his property at the end of the stated term. In fact, it does not necessarily have to be ‘short’; assured shorthold tenancies set up after 28 February 1997 can be for any length of time the landlord wishes to offer.

Annual Safety Checks

Under the Gas Safety Regulations 1998, all gas appliances and flues in rented accommodation must be checked for safety within 12 months of being installed, and thereafter at least every 12 months by a CORGI registered engineer.

Accidental Damage Cover

An additional cover to protect you against damage caused suddenly and unexpectedly by an outside force.

Association of British Insurers

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) represents the collective interests of the UK’s insurance industry. The association speaks out on issues of common interest and participate in public debates.  Find out more about the ABI by visiting their website www.abi.org.uk/