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Current Business Insurance Checklist

As a business owner, you are exposed to a number of different challenges and risks. Businesses are similar but will vary so there are different risks that may threaten your business. As your business develops or expands, there may be new risks that appear. So it’s highly important that you have a comprehensive risk management … Read more

Using an Insurance Broker – A Complete Guide

In this article, you’ll discover the important role of insurance brokers, the advantages of working with one, and the factors you have to consider when choosing a broker. What Is an Insurance Broker? An insurance broker serves as an intermediary that helps an individual or business find an insurance policy that best matches their specific … Read more

Risk Management & Insurance Policies

For any business owner, it’s important to always be aware of and monitor threats to their organisation, whether in terms of financial, security, or legal aspects. Without sufficient risk management, a business of any size can potentially suffer from negative consequences. These include lost revenue, loss of trust from customers and stakeholders, lawsuits, increased employee … Read more

Property Investor Show

On Friday 6th October we attended the Property Investor Show   Despite the certainty of uncertain times ahead the show was packed with seasoned Property Investors and those looking to enter the property space.   It was great to re-connect with contacts, existing clients and discuss the assistance we can provide on the insurance front when it comes to the Property and Real Estate sector.   Raising standards across the Property sector is something close to our heart, it was a privilege to support and assist the team from the Property Investors … Read more